Shalini Arnugam

Shalini Arnugam, age: 18 years, is a first-year B.Tech student at the Reva University in Bangalore. Like all students in her batch, she is anxious about completing her coursework and assignments and is thankful for all the extra assistance she receives from her professors. However, unlike other students, Shalini is currently the sole breadwinner of […]

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Niranjan Mukundan

Niranjan Mukundan (born 4 September 1994) is an Indian para-swimmer. He was crowned as the Junior World Champion in the year 2015. Niranjan claimed the silver medal twice in 50m butterfly at the Paralympic nationals in Mumbai, 2004–2005 and Kolkata, 2005-2006. At the state aquatic championships in Bangalore he won silver medal in 2007 and […]

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“It gets difficult on some days. But I’m very focussed on my goal. I’ve come a long way and I don’t want to give up now,” she says. She was married at the age of 13 to a mentally challenged man, 30 years her senior. But this didn’t last even a week. When her father-in-law […]

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