Shalini Arnugam, age: 18 years, is a first-year B.Tech student at the Reva University in Bangalore. Like all students in her batch, she is anxious about completing her coursework and assignments and is thankful for all the extra assistance she receives from her professors. However, unlike other students, Shalini is currently the sole breadwinner of her family. Her day starts and ends with working as a domestic help, while her engineering classes are squeezed in between. A high scorer in grade 10th and grade 12th examinations, Shalini states that although pursuing higher education seemed an insurmountable task, she was inspired to continue when she would help her mother clean office where she saw educated people earn well and be respected. In spite of her father being bed ridden from when she was four, this determined young person has never considered giving up her dream and is encouraged and supported by her mother and teachers.


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