About ARC

ARC or Aspire Retreat & Convocation is Aspire Circle’s captive convening, originally conceived as a biennial event. Our aspiration continues to be to make it an annual event and hence we persist with the name ARC, albeit as an acronym, to evocate the arc of enlightened social leadership. As we also confer the “Fellowship” at this event to graduating Fellows, we integrate a Convocation with the same. ARC is a closed-door event, by invitation only, for Aspire Circle stakeholders- Fellows, Scholars, IFP Community Leaders, Members, Speakers, Staff & and Office-bearers. One of its most important objectives is to bring together our Fellows, from across cohorts, face to face, in the spirit of Fellowship, with readings-based heart-and-soul Socratic dialogues. It is not open to guests or the public.

To date, we have had three such physical events. Our first such event “ARC2015”, was held in Mumbai, at ISKCON’s Govardhan Eco Resort, with the theme- “Anubandh”. Subsequently, the second edition, ARC2018 was held in Delhi NCR, at Brahmkumaris Om Shanti Om Retreat Centre in Pataudi, with the theme- “Impact Design”. In 2022, we, met again for a 3-day residential event under the theme of “Impact Renaissance”, at the School of Ancient Wisdom – a 10-acre eco-destination close to the Bengaluru Airport. In addition to the 3 physical events, in 2021, we also hosted a virtual event due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Our ARC2021 theme was “The Pursuit of Purpose”.

We believe that collectively, we must build ARC into a Forum that allows leaders from the social sector as well as key invited influencers (celebrities, sports personalities, government leaders, etc.) to come together to further build a national impact movement- in pursuit of enlightened social leadership.



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