Prof Mukta Kulkarni

Mukta Kulkarni is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Most of her work concerns the workplace inclusion of persons with a disability. Her research has been recognized by several top-tier international journals and by the Academy of Management.

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John Alex

John Alex set up Social Initiatives to address requirements of small clients in the field of Health, Education, Skill Development, and Placement for unemployed Youth, inclusive model for PwD  & transgenders, after joining the Management of Equitas in 2008. They won the 1st  national CSR award from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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Apoorv Kulkarni

Apoorv Kulkarni heads research and advocacy on Accessibility & Inclusion at The Ola Mobility Institute (OMI). He champions the rights of women and Persons with Disability and is working towards making the urban mobility ecosystem Universally Accessible.

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Rajasekharan P

P Rajasekharan (Raja) is co-founder of v-shesh (, an impact enterprise that works exclusively in disability inclusion. v-shesh’s work has won several recognitions – most prestigious one being the 2016 National Award as the Best Placement Agency for Persons with Disability.

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Stuti Narain Kacker

Smt.Stuti Narain Kacker was an Uttar Pradesh IAS officer (1978 batch) and is well known for her contribution to the social sectors. Secretary to the Government of India, she established the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. Post-retirement, she was Chairperson, NCPCR till September 2018. She has multidisciplinary experience of diverse sectors such as […]

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