I have completed my master’s from JNU New Delhi in Political Science and International Relations and MPhil from IIT Mumbai in Planning and Development. I started my career with the British Council in Mumbai as Asst Development Services Officer, move to join a microfinance and livelihoods consulting firm EDA Rural Systems Pvt Ltd (Now merged into MCRIL) and work there for over 6 years. Post this, I worked as Advisor to ACTED (French INGO) for Tsunami Rehabilitation work in south India, work with CARE India as expert for tsunami rehabilitation and microfinance in south Asia and south east Asia region. In 2008 I decided to turn into entrepreneur and founded Takshashila Development Services that focused on urban Microfinance in Mumbai with detailing policies and process that client oriented and impact driven. In 2011 I co-founded Agora Microfinance India Ltd with principal investor Agora Microfinance NV and thus into full-fledged strategy and management for a microfinance programme. From April 2020 I will be moving into Mentor/Director role for the Company focus on driving Vision/Mission and Strategy planning. In my career I have had the fortune of associating with a number of governments, non-government, private and public sector bodies and with keen interest on last mile impact. I also have focused on developing internal policies and systems that are gender sensitive, benefit the ultimate user and are efficient and effective.


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