Kusum Kumari, a 17 year old football player, coach, and student at YUWA said, “I have travelled abroad to play matches and public speaking before but this is my first visit overseas to learn to coach. I’m excited to understand how we can structure our football sessions practically on the ground, from Real Sociedad. I hope to apply my learnings from Spain to my team at Yuwa.” The group’s training is being held at San Sebastian, Spain, from February 22nd to March 11th, 2019.
Yuwa co-founder, coach, and executive director Franz Gastler said, “While society teaches girls to fit in, Yuwacoaches girls to stand out. With long-standing support from BookASmile, we’re thrilled for our coaches to have the opportunity to train with a world-class La Liga team. The group of ten young women and two men will be taking their experience back to over 450 girls playing every day in 9 villages in Jharkhand.”


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