Kartik Kilachand, a US based serial entrepreneur (having co-founded several successful ventures including Tasty Bite, Maaza Mango, Edusynch), hit the “Pause/Refresh ” button on his life about five years ago – and switched ears from being an entrepreneur to being a social impact entrepreneur. Over the five years, having entered this sector as on outsider, he met many social impact enterprises in India and abroad. (Kenya/South Africa/Bangladesh/Brazil) and the one common thread he discovered was the inability of India’s NGO’s to achieve scale and hence meaningful impact at National Scale. Thus, was born IIT-IIT.org (han 2018 – a non-profit entity), an enabling platform which harnesses the collective power of of IIT Alumni (300000+strong globally) to help scale India’s social sector with meaningful impact. The focus areas are Education, Healthcare, Livelihoods (including water for livelihood) Improving outcomes in these areas would accelerate the case of India’s upward movement on the Human Development Index (currently 130/189)
Kartik has recently relocated from New York, USA to Delhi, India.
A graduate of IIT Bombay, Mr Kilachandholds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University; an MBA from UC Berkeley & the Advanced Management Program degree from INSEAD, France.


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