The Size of ESG, Sustainability, and Impact Measurement and Management Market

Empowering the Global Impact Economy!

Join us on Thursday, 15 June 2023 at 04:30-05:30 pm (IST), as we unveil our ground-breaking research on the global ESG, Sustainability, and Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) market.

What will you gain from participating:

  • Listen to industry leaders and experts
  • Evolution of the Global and Indian IMM sector
  • State of harmonization and consolidations in the sector
  • Key drivers for adoption of IMM
  • Key Take-aways and Recommendations

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The global ESG, Sustainability & Impact movement is today an unstoppable force, with significant momentum around ESG and Sustainability and strong early movement around Impact.

 It is well-accepted amongst institutional investors, that (A) ESG or Responsible Investing; (B) Sustainability or Thematic Investing; and (C) Impact Investing are three steps of the Impact Continuum, which have collectively attracted USD 59 trillion of AUM in 2020 and representing the ABC of Impact: A=Avoid Harm, B=Benefit All, and C=Contribute to Solutions.

 Businesses and regulators are mirroring this classification to adopt ESG, Sustainability or Impact Reporting, based on legal mandates and the investor or stakeholder groups they wish to engage. Last year,

  • On ESG: 95% of S&P 500 companies publicly disclosed ESG data and around 25% of Fortune 500 companies committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • On Sustainability: 92% of S&P 500 companies; 75% of Top 100 companies in 49 countries; and 70% of Russell 1000 index companies reported on Sustainability in 2020, up from 65% in 2019.
  • On Impact: There are now 5080 B. Corps in 155 industries across 80 countries of the world’s population is engaged in social ventures; and 1/3 of start-ups are in Impact.

As a result, the IMM market, which subsumes ESG, Sustainability, and Impact measurement has gained prominence in the last two decades and is expanding at an impressive pace.

Aspire Impact’s Impact Future Project, or IFP, last year published eight India-focused sectoral reports to catalyse Impact assessment, creating a unique co-authoring community of 200+ CXOs. This year, IFP publications have a global outlook. After the launch of India and the world’s first set of Impact Standards for empirical and comparable Impact Assessments for corporations and non-profits, we are delighted to launch another first for the world: this market-sizing study for the integrated ESG, Sustainability, & Impact sector.

We invite you to attend the milestone launch event where we will reveal comprehensive findings and key insights from the report. Esteemed speakers and industry experts will provide perspectives on the current state, future projections, and key trends of the IMM market.

Join us to shape a sustainable future.

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Webinar Details:
Date: 15 June 2023
Time: 04:30 pm to 05:30 pm IST
Log-In Link: This will be emailed to you after registration.


04.30 PM

Welcome and Overview

Harpreet Kaur Ghai

Director, Knowledge Development- Aspire Impact

04.35 PM

Research Findings

Amit Bhatia

Founder – Aspire Circle

04.50 PM

Special Address



05.00 PM


Cliff Prior

CEO – Global Steering Group for Impact Investment

05.05 PM


Rosemary Addis

Managing Partner – Mondiale Impact
Ambassador – Global Steering Group for Impact Investment
Enterprise Professor – Impact, Sustainability & Innovation University of Melbourne

05.10 PM


Fran Seegull

President – U.S. Impact Investing Alliance
Executive Director – Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing

05.15 PM


Anurag Pratap

Vice President and CSR Leader – Capgemini

05.20 PM


Media and Audience


05.29 PM

Vote of Thanks and Closing

Harpreet Kaur Ghai

Director, Knowledge Development- Aspire Impact


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