Emerging Philanthrophy in India
(National Foundation for India)
Designing philanthropy for impact
( McKinsey & Company)
Revealing Indian Philanthrophy
(Edited by Mathieu Cantegreil, Dweep Chanana, Ruth Kattumuri)
2012 India Philanthropy Report
(Bain and Company)
2011 India Philanthropy Report
(Bain and Company)
2010 An Overview of Philanthropy in India
(Bain and Company)
Impact Investment:
The Impact Investor Survey
India Impact Equity Investment Report -2013
(Unitus Capital)
The Indian Impact Investing Story
Impact Investing Reaches a Tipping Point in India
Unitus Seed Fund
India Venture capital and Private Equity Report-2013
An Analysis of Impact Investments in India
(IIT Madras)
Social Sectors :
Twelfth Five Year Plan
(Planning Commission)
Corporate Social Responsibilty :
India CSR Report
(Socio Research and Reform Foundation)
National Voluntary Guidelines
Employment and Skill Development :
Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works
(Mckinsey Center for Government)
CAF India releases ‘Online Giving in India’ Report